The definitive Stormtrooper tutorial site

Welcome to my web site, formally know as Blast'em, this site is for fans of movie costumes and props replicas, mainly referencing Star Wars, although other films are referenced.

Under the Stormtrooper Tutorial section of this site, there are tips and tricks on putting together Stormtrooper armour, creating a hidden snap system, dying black Chelsea Boots white. The Reference section has photos and costume details of real stormtrooper reference material, this will assist you in building and trimming your armor. Research section is where information on what was found to be used on original costumes/props by myself and others.

Misc, has a chat forum for friendly chat about the hobby of costuming and prop making. The Props section has my collection of movie replicas. The Events section has photos when I been out in costume either for Charity,commercial or for Fun .

Latest News! 10th October 2009!

Update to Stormtrooper tutorial, I have improved the snap system tutorial and added the fabric connection strap tutorial. Link here