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About TK300
I've been into prop making and costuming since the year 2000. I first joined the Replica Prop forum then later the Replica Prop board, where I met the late Vader Maker, Graham Campbell, from Graham I obtained my first set of trooper armour Galaxy trading (FX), Graham asked me to join the UKG (501st) a costuming group for Star Wars Imperial costumers. From there I quickly progressed to the more movie accurate armour GF and TE, myself and Jez (Starwars helmets) were probably the first in the 501st to wear GF suits. I have a few other costumes which you will see in the pictures below.

Stormtrooper Costume




ROTS Premiere May 16th Leicester Square, looking at the photo I'm on the right.

Indiana Jones costume

shoulder snap

A fav of mine costume consists of a Adventure Built Fedora built by Steve who made the Fedora's for the latest Indiana Jones Film. the Jacket is from Peter at Wested who made the originals for Raiders, it's the Raiders Lambskin. I also have the British Gas mask bag, officers pinks and correct bull whip.

Boba Fett Costume



The above are composites I've made, beats the garden ;-) It took me a year to get my Boba Fett costume completed, it's the ROTJ SE type. It's a mixture of parts from Boba maker and Man O War studios and traded items. I built and painted all of the items myself.

Aliens Colonial Marine Costume

thigh strips

Snaps Ab plate

My USCM costume, armour is from Spat caves and the BDU's are from MAA, I painted it with the correct Humbrol colours in the style of Hicks, had some great times in this costume esp at the NSC doing the Alien encounter.

Ghostbuster Costume


Has to be one of the most fun costumes to wear, it's so iconic. Above Photo was taken years ago at the Mad Hatters Charity event, we just had to recreate the scene under the chandelier


Snaps Ab plate

Another hobby of mine is playing the guitar I've been in quite a few bands in past and I play lead in current band i'm in, Photo of above was a gig last year, I have a number of guitars above i'm using my fav a Gibson Les paul Gary Moore Signature Edition, it's has serious crunch and can sustain for ever :-).