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Dying Boots White
In the film Star Wars, black Chelsea boots (jodhpur boots) were dyed (painted) white for the Stormtroopers, not only is the movie accurate, but good if you are on a budget or need a pair of white boots quick for trooping. You can buy a pair of black chelsea boots or jodhpur boots quite cheaply and White leather dye from a department store or a leather dye supplier . If you don't want to go down this route, CA Boots do the best pair of Stormtrooper boots. Their web site is here CA Boots

Step 1


  • Use wire wool or sandpaper to scuff up the surface to create a key for the leather paint to stick to

Step 2

shoulder snap

  • Use white spirit to remove any polish residue

Step 3


  • Use a cloth dipped in water and wash the boots all over making sure all traces of white spirit has gone.

Step 4

Snaps Ab plate

  • Apply very thin coats of the leather paint, leaving each coat to dry, repeat until you have nice white layer. The trick to avoid cracks, is to use very thin coats, building up on layers. Paint each layer in a different direction i.e. 1st coat vertical, 2nd coat horizontal and so on...

Step 5

Snaps Ab plate

  • If done correctly they should look like this and when walking the leather paint will not crack.
  • Now, wear and tear on the boots may cause some of the paint (dye) to scuff or remove. You can purchase white scuff remover from most stores. Use this to touch up any marks. I also used scuff remover to paint the black fabric white.