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Belt Mod
This tutorial shows you how to replace the ABS with a white leather belt (you could use canvas instead) that snaps on the AB armour. This means you can remove the belt and wear it like Han and Luke in A New Hope. You could instead of using snaps use Industrial velcro to hold the belt in place. .

Parts required

  • Strip of white leather or Canvas, same height as your ammo belt. The length depends on how big you are, allow some over lap to secure the belt.
  • Vario Pliers, 1 box of '15mm Heavy Duty Sport + Camping Poppers' You only need to make 2 male and 2 females snaps, so you may have some left if you made a snap system for your armour.
  • Drill and Drill bit
  • Small machine screws and nuts or small rivets
  • Strong Scissors and Industrial Velcro (heavy duty)


In the UK most of this can be brought from John Lewis's, Hobby craft or on-line at Venacavadesign
For my USA buddies try your local fabric store or Lowes or do a search on google for an online supplier for the pliers and snaps.

Step 1


  • Use the existing hole in your ammo belt to mark where to put a hole in your white leather.
  • Make a hole, do this for both sides of your ammo belt. Make sure you allow enough space for the male snap to fit on the rear of the leather belt. See later steps for what I mean.
  • Cut the strip of white leather/canvas belt in two. I cut 11 inches off one side, but you will have to cut what is best for you. Again see later steps for a photo of what I mean.

Step 2

shoulder snap

  • Secure the leather belt and Ammo belt either with in this case small Machine screws or rivets.
  • I have also attached my thigh drop boxes. Repeat for other side.

Step 3


  • This step attaches the male snap to the leather belt.
  • Make a hole in the Leather belt. (here I'm using the pliers but you could use anything even a soldering iron.
  • The male popper comes in 2 parts, a male part and a female part. Thread the male part through the hole in the belt (the back of it will be at the painted side of the leather) and place the female popper part on top.
  • Using the Vario Pliers or Anvil tool (supplied with poppers) make up the snap.

Step 4

Snaps Ab plate

  • This step attaches the female snap to the Ab plate.
  • Place the belt against the AB plate where you want it so sit. Mark where the male snap you made in the previous step will go on the AB plate as this is where you will put the female snap.
  • Using the Vario Pliers or Anvil tool (supplied with poppers) make up the snap.

Step 5

Snaps Ab plate

  • You should now have 2 females snaps each side of your AB plate. Ready for the belt to be snapped in place.

Step 6

Snaps Ab plate

  • Here is a photo of the finished belt. I super glued Industrial velcro (heavy Duty) hook and loop to secure the belt when wearing it.

Step 7

Snaps Ab plate

  • Here is a photo of the finished belt being attached to the AB armour.