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Common mistakes to avoid
Below are some of the more common pitfalls to avoid when building your costume

Problem: Armour will not fit together around legs or arms as you are too big.
Solution: Create Shims for hide the gap, click here for step by step guide.

Problem: Intercom System covers (ears). There is a noticeable gap between them and the helmet.
Solution: This isn't really a problem as in the Films there was a gap, but if you still aren't happy, Remove the systems covers and gently heat them over a heat source like an electric hob or grill etc.. Bend the covers, so they fit better, repeat until a better fit is achieved. Then use white bathroom sealant to fill in the remaining fine gap. Use a piece of plastic to smooth the sealant for a neat finish.

Problem: Lenses keep on fogging up, can see through lenses.
Solution: Use an anti fogging agent, either Motorbike helmet visor de-mister or using a clean dry cloth use neat washing up liquid and then wipe off immediately. Also having fans and the Frown cut out, reduces the chance of the lenses fogging up.

Problem: Paint on white ABS Armour - How to remove?
Solution: This very much depends of type of paint you have used but rubbing lighter fluid or WD40, even white spirit very lightly on the effected should remove the paint.* Note test on a spare or hidden piece of plastic before *

Problem: Velcro residue - How to remove?
Solution: Use Spray furniture polish ,same stuff you use to dust your TV and surfaces with (Mr Sheen)