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Essential accessories for your armour

Under suit 

This is what is worn under your white armor. You can wear a diveskin, unitard or in my opinion what is the best, an under leather suit from here from ExtremeRacing - they are very good, made from Lycra with a 2 way zip, rugged for trooping.

For USA equivalent try here or



Voice Amp

  • So you want to sound like a Stormtrooper from the film, well the best option is to purchase a ROMFX Static Burst Voice Amp & Sound FX Board. Details are Here . Another alternative is to buy a amp from Maplins or Radio shack. Get the personal amp used by aerobic instructor (yoga amp), you don't get the static burst or distorted voice, but it's a cheap option.


  • Check under the stormtrooper tutorial section on how to make your own. Or buy a pair of CA Boots details Here


  • Your trusty weapon, stormtroopers in the film had 2 types of blasters, the the E-11 and secondly the DLT-19 as used by Han in disguise. Sand troopers had other weapons ranging from the T-21 to the MG-15.
  • A cheap blaster is the Kenner toy E-11, this can look quite good if sprayed black and extra parts added.
  • Another source is to make your own out pf PVC pipe and plastic, it's really quite easy. Head over to the Blasters Builders Club forum for details and templates. Blasters Builders Club
  • Also check out Ebay or prop forums for PVC and resin blasters, there are plenty of makers out there.

Neck seal

  • As worn by Han and Luke although they had diving dickies, this is used to hide your neck from the public, try Ebay or from the USA TK409


  • Black rubber chemical gloves were worn in the film, but any black gauntlet style gloves will do, Nomex make a nice pair.


  • Black leather holster for the E-11. Try ebay or do a search on google